VA disability claims can be confusing, messy and frustrating. With thousands of pages of regulations and rules, it’s very difficult to win a VA disability claim without help.

That’s where I come in. With 30 years of experience in veterans issues, I have the experience and knowledge to help you get the benefits you have earned.

How it works

I take only a very limited number of clients. One of the reasons it can be difficult to get a claim through successfully is that many VSOs are overwhelmed with too many cases and too little time. I know that’s always a risk so I keep my case loads low in order to make sure your case gets the individual attention you need.

When you first contact me I’ll me reach out to ask some initial questions. I’ll likely ask for any recent rating decisions or other documents from VA, and then we’ll set up an initial consultation meeting which can take up to two hours. My goal in that meeting will be to understand everything I can about your case and your goals.

Will I take your case?

Maybe. It will depend on my current client load and the particulars of your case. I primarily focus on appeals and particularly on Gulf War, Agent Orange and environmental exposure claims including burn pits.

What happens next?

If I agree to take your case, the next step Is for you to appointment as your representative with VA and to sign a fee agreement. Once that’s done, I’ll request copies of all of you records – military and VA. We’ll also reach out to any private doctors you’ve been seeing. Based on the particular details of your case, we’ll put together a plan for how to win your case. 

What do I charge?

Initial claims

For initial claims – that is, claims that have never before received a decision from VA – I don’t charge anything.

Increased Rating

Like initial claims, I don’t charge for initial applications related to applying for increased ratings.


For appeals (that is, for any condition that has previously been turned down by VA, or which you feel weren’t rated high enough), I charge 20{af6e83512be7e3b4cecc791bda27e84cdebe7671cbbd222b753a29df54d2caa8} of any back pay received plus any expenses which we’ve agreed to in advance.

For example, let’s say you applied for service connection for a traumatic brain injury and VA denied the claim. When I take your case, we would decide what additional evidence was needed, including whether or not we need to hire a doctor to provide an expert opinion about your condition.

Let’s say you win, and you get 70{af6e83512be7e3b4cecc791bda27e84cdebe7671cbbd222b753a29df54d2caa8}, backdated to when you first filed the claim. Your back pay in this case is $27,400. You would owe me $5480, plus any expenses such as hiring the doctor or getting private records copied.

What if you lose? You would owe me nothing, and I would absorb the cost of the doctor and other expenses.